Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the Beginning

I have decided to write a blog in order to document the thought parade that pounds noisily between my ears whenever I watch a film. The point of this blog is mainly to discuss the films I find interesting when no one in the realm of oxygen and sound waves will tolerate my babbling. Luckily, technology has made accessible all the nerds with an internet connection, and all the cinephiliacs who need a place to convene. I intend to write about films new and old (and most likely, a few television series will work their way into the mix, because I've really been dying to analyze a few of the X-Files episodes I have in my collection). Whether it is classic, odd, or trashy, I will not discriminate, except when I do, which might be often.

I'm just an amateur young'un, and I'm very green, so this is all in good fun. Betwixt undergrad school and... the future, I'm looking for something rewarding to fill my time. Part of me hopes that the hazy future might involve film school, or something like it. Stay tuned.

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