Friday, November 12, 2010


This is not something I would normally post, but I thought it was interesting, and something I wonder about, on and off. How will my generation accurately document its experience in movies, when such a large part of that experience takes place in a digital void? How does one go about expressing life in a digital realm, in this, the sleek age of ipad and Kindle? Thus far, the web's influence seems to have been on form, rather than content, reflected by a tendency towards more frenetic editing in action films and the like. In novels, Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves being my favorite example, the form of the text on the page, as well as the copious indexing reflects an audience that is accustomed to reading on the web. On television shows like 30 Rock, or Arrested Development we expect a short flashback or aside to explain a joke, and we also expect several concurrent storylines; it's like performing an immediate Google search to answer a question, or following several open internet tabs with unrelated subject matter. We are simply more receptive to information that comes at us quickly, from all directions, at the speed of surfing a trail of hyperlinks on Wikipedia. So, perhaps movies that are truly about the internet will remain on the internet in mediums that are purely of the internet. Like this:

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